Badam TS is a new designer living in France and inovating through millenary traditions. His delicate and precious embroideries are a pure dream for an equilibrated and original world.

Badam TS is offering to our bedrooms and dining tables a refined and original design mixing cultures and histories from Asia and from Europe.

Badam TS takes his inspiration from traditional mongolian art, based on legends of nomads and magical landcapes whose colours change hour by hour with the shifting rays of the sun.
Far from textile massive production which has cancelled the relationship between designer and user, Badam TS embroiders a new and personal page of the history of decorative arts. He is combining in a respectful way the decorative traditions of the East with the refinement and sophistication of the West, setting the ultimate scenery of beautiful dreams.

Badam TS biography

At the age of twenty Badam Ochir TSEDENDORJ and a sister founded in Mongolia a company specialized in leather clothing: jackets, coats ... are created in this small family structure using local hides before being exported by the Trans-Siberian to the Russian neighbour city of Ulan Ude (Buriat Republic).

For eight years Badam Ochir TSEDENDORJ has increased its production punctuated by frequent trips to Russia to sell his production. His creations were already inspired by this travelling and selling experience.
In this respect his sewing already rhymes with adventure and brings back to life the days of silk merchants on the road towards the East.

In 2000, he immigrated to France where he worked for 4 years as a fashion designer for a French clothing brand. He went on with different businesses before launching his own brand in 2011 dedicated to bed and table linen.

In 2012, at the age of 40 he signed his first collection of linen, elegant dream weaving its patterns between Mongolia traditional decorative and western fashion.

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