A company proud to develop French tradition of luxury! 

Starting his second collection, Badam TS decided to implement in France the manufacturing of its embroidered bed linen and embroidered table linen as well as its Collection Ribbons (bed linen). His Collection Ribbons, which is an examplary, precious and rare work in today’s textile productions, as for example Night & Day N°24is entirely made in France : namely all following phases : placing perfectly and manually 100 meters of ribbons, sewing carefully and neatly these 100 meters ribbons, and finally cutting and assembling the different pieces of the bed linen set! 

In the case of the Embroidered Collections like for example Floréal/Orange, Badam TS performs under his supervision and in his family workshop in Mongolia the embroidery phase of the sateen or percale of cotton; then the raw embroidered canvas is imported to France in order to be properly cut, assembled, and sewn. These last activities are entirely made in France, and represents more than 50% of the total work necessay to produce this bed linen. 

The decision to localize the manufacturing in France while maintening the embroidery phase in his family workshop in Mongolia allows Badam TS :

- to defend the French know-how for high quality production, heiress of the luxury à la française: timeless perfection! 

- and to support the economical co-development of France and Mongolia through the financing of such family workshop in Mongolia. 


A neat sewing work 

Badam TS is fabricating his Collections applying the highest quality standards supported by millenary know-how (embroidery, trimmings). Experienced professionals are working with the aim of perfection for complete satisfaction of customers. Particular attention is paid to the sewing and assembling to achieve an impeccable finish. The elegance and refined luxury appear especially and essentially in these details! 


Models in limited series

Each model is produced in limited serie (less than 100 copies) far from massive and standardized manufacturing. Your bed linen acquires the status of a work of craft, resulting from the delicate attention and dedication of the designer and of his collaborators. According to Badam TS, each bed linen should represent a poetical invitation for a peaceful sleep and rest. This inner journey must assert its singularity and its beauty as a well-kept secret.

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